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Big Fame (http://shopdisplayfixture.com) is a company with more than 25 years of experience in furniture and display for commercial space.

Working with more than 120 factories, we are able to offer products with multiple materials (wood, metal, acrylic, glass, plastic, stone) and various finishing.

We provide the customization service to meet any customers’ need. A wide-range product line to meet your needs, including display racks, register counters, shop display hooks, tabletop stands, in-store signage, furniture, and other accessories.

As long as you have the design, we can realize it for you.

-Our Mission-
Founded in 1988, Big Fame is one of the leading store fixture & furniture company in Taiwan. We understand styles matter for branding. The right fixture can build a connection between your customers and your brand, encouraging purchase and boosting sales. Over the years, we cooperate with global brands, architects, interior designers, and shoplifters to create different styles of numerous brands.

With a budget in mind, we help your brand stand out among the competition via smart, stylish and effective merchandising.

-The Technique and Skills-
There is an ongoing revolution in the retail industry, with an in-house design studio, we are able to capture the market trend and develop the next generation of store fixture and furniture. From 2D illustrations to 3D renderings, our designers excel at interpreting your brand philosophy as they create a space that brings your vision to life.

-Worldwide Service-
Across the world, from Japan to Italy, our clients care about quality and efficiency the most, including luxury goods, fashion, grocery, cosmetics, skincare, restaurant, eyewear, footwear, hotels and specialty stores. We hope to provide the best support for them with intimate service and outstanding products.

Display Frame System - Grid
We designed this display system "GRID", because we hope that our customers can create their own displaying space; just like to draw on grid notebook page. With simple structure, you will be able to arrange several pieces of frame bodies in the center of your shop, on the wall side, or make a divi
4 Face Pegboard Display Rack
This is a 4-Face Display Rack made from metal square pipe and standard pegboard. Many of our customers use this rack to display car accessories, metal hardware, necklace, and other accessories. Size: W90 x D90 x H135 cm Material: 25*25 SQ Pipe, t1.2 Pegboard Surface: Color Powder Coating Packi
Notebook experience table
We design this display table for customers who need a multi-functional platform for various 3C products. You can put notebook on the top and arrange accessories beneath the top in the cabinet. Size: W120 x D90 x H80 cm  Material: Wooden Panel, Metal parts Surface: Melamine, Wooden Veneer Part:



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